Baby suit

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fabric/composition:100%cotton  jersey 172gsm +woven cotton

size:6 to 9 months

please reference size form as below :

DESCRIPTION 0-3M 3-6M 6-9M 9-12M 12-18M
ACROSS SHOULDER 18cm 19.5cm 21cm 22.5cm 24cm
FRONT LENGTH 28cm 30cm 32cm 34cm 36cm
SLEEVE LENGTH 7cm 7.5cm 8cm 8.5cm 9cm
NECK WIDTH OPENING 10cm 10.5cm 11cm 11.5cm 12cm
SLEEVE OPENING 8cm 8.5cm 9cm 9.5cm 10cm
CHEST WIDTH 21cm 23cm 25cm 26cm 27cm
SWEEP 25cm 27cm 29cm 30cm 31cm
ARMHOLE CURVE 11cm 11.5cm 12cm 12.5cm 13cm

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